Rules & Regulation

  • Punctual and regular attendance is an important element for successful working and it is insisted upon. An application for leave must invariably be sent in time by the guardian. In unforeseen circumstances, the guardian should inform the Principal in writing as soon as possible and enter the days of absence and reason in the school diary.
  • The name of the student who is absent for 10 days without leave application shall be struck off and on restoration a re- admission fee of Rs. 300/- will be charged.
  • The name of student who is a habitual late comer,persistently careless or indisciplined,may not be restored.
  • Every student must be present on the first and the last day of the session or after the vacation of the school. If he/she remains absent continuously for 3 days on the reopening of the school his/her name shall be struck off.
  • Parents are advised not to disturb the student during the examination days for attending family functions.
    Re-examination of written exam is not permissible.
  • Student can not leave the school without the permission of the principal.
  • A minimum of 80% attendance of the total working days of the school is a MUST. If the attendance falls short of the above requirement the student shall not be allowed to appear in the examination.
  • Date of Birth once entered in school registers,will not be changed.
  • No admission will be allowed without a birth certificate (PG,LKG &UKG) or a transfer certificate from the institution last attended (Class I- XII).
  • Section of the class once allotted will not be changed generally but if the school administration feels necessary,it may be done so.